Harry O'Reilly - Director/Co-Writer/Producer 

John Cortese - Co-Writer/Producer

Tug of War is a romance/comedy underdog story with odd, yet endearing heroes that audiences will root for. Audiences have voted with their entertainment dollars to show their approval for interesting, quirky characters in comedic projects as diverse as Dodgeball (Ben Stiller) and Old School (Will Ferrell).  Tug of War is like these films in that at their core they combine sharp comedy and romance and are about unlikely heroes and friends with lovable sentiment. Films like Grown Ups (Adam Sandler) and The Benchwarmers (David Spade) and Heavyweights all successfully executed “misfits down on their luck” themes and deeply textured writing.  All are highly successful examples of films with humor in rag-tag teams of misfits rising to the occasion with human spirit/underdog themes. The time is ripe for a new underdog comedy romance, with a team of named talent, updating the genre for current audiences to enjoy.  Tug of War is an uplifting story of family, friendship and community that finds the perfect balance of heart and humor.​




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