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Mike Moona, a hopeless romantic and widower, devotes all his time to his father’s century old “mom and pop” fruit store. No longer focusing on himself, Mike is a rock to his father, son and friends who habit the old neighborhood staple. When the Mayor, an old rival, threatens to take away the last thing he holds dear with an obscure eminent domain law; Mike is the only one who can rise to the occasion and take action. After pleading with his rival to leave them alone, he realizes he must play into the Mayor’s competitive spirit and challenges his old school yard chum to a tournament of Tug of War. Mike with the help of his friends assemble a team of misfits who regular the store in a last-ditch effort to save the place they all consider a home away from home. With a new sense of purpose, Mike begins to fall in love and find a newfound respect for himself in the process.


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